From London to Los Angeles via Paris, The Secret List is a guide to selected record shop capitals of the world. The book collates, describes and reviews record shops, from the well known to the hidden away thrift store in a travelogue style. I visit every shop anonymously at least twice, often three times, to review each shop. The book is completely independent, we do not have any investors or have any business relationships with shops.   Each book is also beautifully designed and includes some hidden, ‘secret’ spots giving the book much more interest to a wider  audience.

The Los Angeles edition was published in November 2013 and the Paris edition in July 2014. In addition an online New York guide was published in May 2015. I set up both physical and online distribution for the books, rare for a self-published book. The books were stocked in four shops in London – Honest Jon’s and Phonica  – and Paris  – Superfly and Bentino’s, as well as in over twenty online sites including a number of Amazon sites. The books were deleted in January 2016.

I started my own fanzine, Left of the Jazz Side, in the early nineties which lasted three issues. This hand stapled, photocopied tome brought me to the attention of one Will Ashon at Trace magazine, who commissioned one of my first reviews. My first review, a live review of the soul singer Maxwell, was published in Blues and Soul where I would work from the mid-nineties to 2002. The last two years at Blues and Soul were writing the monthly jazz column where I covered music from Joshua Redman to Rza. Since then I have had regular work published for Flyglobalmusic and the now defunct Shook magazine. My work has also appeared on BBC music online amongst many other websites.

Sanjiv Ahluwalia

All original work by Sanjiv Ahluwalia copyright Left on the Jazz Side 1992; Sanjiv Ahluwalia 2016.


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